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Most facilitator kits include the following:
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  • a scripted seminar divided in several modules – customizable to shorter workshops or into longer ones – up to three-day seminars… or break them up to present them regularly for a multi-months contract.
  • ice-breakers, energizers, and interactive exercises in each module
  • professionally designed support DVD (to be used during the training – most play from within PowerPoint) 
  • customizable ready-to-go prfessional handouts
  • professional valid and reliable assessment(s)
  • professionally designed customizable PowerPoint presentations
  • and more… 

To see sample modules, PowerPoint slides, and view sample DVD snippets explore the following links:

Team Building, Improving Team Performance, Effective Communication, Improving Managers’ Performance, etc (13 Modules / 15 applications + course outlines – 

Improve your Sales Performance

Improve Employees’ Performance, Communication, and Conflict Management –

Improve Managers’ Performance –

Colaborative Skills for Teams –

Capitalizing on Team Talents –

DiSC Powered Selling –

Frontline Management: Leveraging the Strengths of Your Style –

Improving Your Listening Skills –

Conflict Management: A DiSC-Based Approach – 

 Train-the-trainer training available for select facilitator kits.  
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