LinkedIn Client-Attraction Strategies – Part 3: Start Building Your Tribe of 1000 True Followers

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How to Engage Your LinkedIn Group Members and Begin Building a Relationship… and a Tribe of Loyal Followers…

LinkedIn Strategies: Build Your Tribe of 1000 True Followers

LinkedIn Strategies: Build Your Tribe of 1000 True Followers

Thanks to all of you who shared with me your new and improved
LinkedIn profiles. I hope you found my suggestions helpful.
If you haven’t sent me the link to your profile, you can still do so,
I’ll be glad to give you my (very honest) feedback.

A gentleman named Kevin Kelly came up with the concept of
building a following of 1000 true fans; the concept being that
there anyone can build a following of 1, 10, 100, 1000 “true”
fans – individuals who totally like what you are providing (your
services, products, etc) and one should be able to make a comfortable
living by developing a relationship with your fans (through teleclasses,
webinars, newsletter, mailings, contests, etc).

Now, the original concept of 1000 True Fans was developed for artists,
authors, etc.; but the same concept can be easily applied in business.

Seth Godin, the author of Tribes, and mega successful entrepreneur,
embraced the idea and promotes it as a way to build a prosperous business…

How does all this relate to us?  What does this have to do with LinkedIn groups?

By now you are a member of a couple of groups… That is, if
you followed through with the last few assignments…And why
wouldn’t have followed through, right? After all, you are dead
serious about growing a following and transforming some of
your followers into clients…

So let’s explore some ways on how to capitalize on your
membership in the groups you joined. And we’ll keep it simple
and create a do’s and don’ts list that will ensure that you nurture
relationships and not become viewed as a (constantly promoting) pest.

5 Things to Avoid when Starting a Discussion:

1. Don’t post the name of your site and a link to your site
to the page that describes your services (I know, it’s a bit
confusing; the key is don’t post links that lead to your

2. Don’t post links to your “About” page

3. Don’t post links to paid teleclasses, webinars, or live events

4.Don’t post topics that do not relate or benefit the group in
some way

5. Don’t start more than 2 to 3 discussions a day (per group
– ideally, start one good discussion)
If you do the first three above, you’ll be viewed as a pest by many of
your group members AND it is very likely that the moderator will
a) put you on the moderation list – your post will not show until he
or she’ll approve them
b) you’ll be banned from the group

As some of you know, I’m the moderator of the Coaches’ Support
Group [on LinkedIn], and I have a few members who repeatedly – even after
chatting with them about it – keep on posting links to their “About
Joe Doe” or to their paid services pages*. All of these members are on my
moderation list and their posts go directly into the Promotion section.
You don’t want your posts to be sent into the Promotions section
as very few people read that section…

* – You can promote your paid services through the groups, but do it
wisely and subtly – read on…

5 Ways to Engage Your Group Members, Gain Their Trust,
and Transform them into Dedicated Followers:

1. Do post links to articles or videos that provide great
value to your prospects. The most effective ones are
the ones with titles such as “The 5 Secrets to…” or “3
Easy Shortcuts to…” or “7 Ways to Improve…” (I highly
recommend purchasing – or borrowing form your local
library – the book Phrases that Sell – You could also do
a search online for power phrases – tweak those as titles
for your articles)

1B !!! This is an important one !!!
Do put a byline under your articles that lead to your
services or opt-in offers. It could be as simple as
“Robin Smith is a Retirement Coach – download her
“Life Starts After Retirement” 155 page eBook at

1C Do have an irresistible offer on your page where
your visitors will read your article. Remember
how you got to opt-in to this eCourse? Most of you
came to the page because of a link to an article;
then you saw the “cool” opt-in offer. Do you realize
I’m getting about 30 to 50 subscribers a day to this
eCourse? It’s not a stellar number, but for a little guy
like me, that’s really super! And I’m using mostly the
strategy described here (plus a little twitter and some
FaceBook – both set on posting my blog posts automatically).

2. Do post regularly replies to others’ posts. If it’s a
question and you have answers, share with the group. If
you don’t have an answer but it’s something that you’d
also really love to know, put there some remarks such
as “Shirley, I’ve been trying to figure that out myself,
I hope we’ll get some good input from some of the other
group members.”

Trust me, LinkedIn can at times feel like a lonely place when
no one answers your questions or no one comments on your
posts. Except if we’d stop just posting and get involved
in more conversations, then we’d have less “lonely” moments
in cyberspace.

The more you comment on others posts, the more you’ll
be recognized and hopefully liked and/or respected. And
that’s what you want – you want your group members to
start knowing you, so when they’ll see an offer from you
they’ll trust you on it.

3. Occasionally post some cool quote that you found and
ask the group’s opinion on it; or just leave it to speak
for itself.

4. Do post once in a while interesting articles that
you ran into AND it relates to the purpose of the

5. Do offer your help whenever possible. You joined
this group because your target market hangs out here…
So whenever you got a chance to shine, SHINE!
Either give the solution there in the forum, or – ideally –
refer them to an article on your website (even if you
just made it up a few minutes earlier); or ask them to
contact you privately.

There you have it! I think I covered the most essential strategies
to attracting group members to become your followers.

Remember! The goal is always to have them come over to your
site and opt-in to your offers. If you don’t have an offer, create
one. If you don’t know how, contact me on the Support Forum
at  and ask for
help. Remember what Abraham Lincoln said? “Ask and you
shall receive” (or was it Bill Clinton who said that…? — ok,
just messing with you – I know it’s a bible quote). Seriously,
if you need help, ask!

Do you feel I left out some LinkedIn client attraction strategies
that can be used in the Groups? Post it in/them in the comments
section below.

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If you have any questions about the program, send me an email
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– I can’t miss your email message there…

Next time we’ll cover a surprise LinkedIn strategy. One that
has the potential to give you instant credibility and easy access
– potentially – to thousands of hot prospects.

Till next time,

E.G. Sebastian
Author, Speaker, Coach

E.G. Sebastian is the author of several books, including Bushido Business, co-authored with Brian Tracy and Steven M.R. Covey; and the soon-to-be-published Get More Clients by Next Week – 51 Proven Marketing Strategies for Coaches and Consultants. Access 150+ Hours of Marketing & Client-Attraction Video Tutorials and other marketing tools at

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