Go public with your goals for best results

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By Rob Minton

Go Public with Your Goals

Go Public with Your Goals

I have tried many different strategies throughout the years to help me achieve my goals. I have found that one strategy above all else has been responsible for the majority of my accomplishments. This has been a little secret of mine for the last few years.

You might read this little secret and say “I knew that,” or “He’s full of it.” But you would be making a big mistake. I use this secret consistently, and my results have also been consistent.

If you are like me, you invest your time in setting new goals. The challenge isn’t setting goals, however, it is actually following through on your goals. In other words, actually doing what you need to accomplish your goals. How can you ensure you follow through? The answer:

Make a commitment.

When I say make a commitment, I don’t just mean to yourself. I mean make a commitment to others. In general, most people do not like to break their commitments to others. Unfortunately, we all break commitments to ourselves every day. However, we very rarely will break commitments we make to someone else. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you are trying to quit smoking. You tell yourself, “Today, I am not going to smoke a cigarette.” However, something happiness during the day and you find yourself having just one. Now let’s change the scenario. You tell everyone in your family, all of your friends and your co-workers that you quit smoking. Now when something happens during the day that causes you stress, can you just go light up a cigarette? Not as easy now, is it?

Thankfully, I have never been a smoker. But I used the exact same strategy to quit drinking. When I finally made the decision, I told everybody. That removed any easy way out. I have also written about it, and I do that for two reasons.

First is to hopefully be an example to someone else who wants to quit drinking. Maybe I can be an inspiration. The second reason is a little self-serving. It commits me. How would it look if I told everyone I quit drinking and I bump into you at a restaurant with a big old Bud Light in my hand? I would have broken my commitment.

The more people I tell, the more powerful my commitment level becomes.

Here is another example: A friend of our family told us she wasn’t happy with her weight. She said she has a lifetime membership to a weight-loss program, but also said, “Why should I go – just to get on the scale in front of everyone?”


Having to answer to others is an extremely powerful achievement strategy. Let’s face it, we don’t always honor all our self-promises. Setting goals isn’t enough because it requires us to honor self-promises. We need something more to force new behaviors.

How does this apply to your investing and wealth-building? Use the same exact strategy. Make your goals, then tell everybody you possibly can what you intend to accomplish. Let’s say you want to purchase three income-earning real estate properties this year. Well, tell everyone you know that you will have three investment properties by Dec. 31, 2006.

Once you make a public commitment, you will be forced to behave in ways that are consistent with your commitment. Did you notice the word “forced?” Public commitment to your goals forces achievement. From what I have learned, we have a natural tendency to do what we say we are going to do.

When you don’t follow through with your commitments, you are viewed as inconsistent by others. In our society, inconsistency is an undesirable personality trait. When a person’s words and deeds don’t match up, they seem indecisive, confused and two-faced. Most of us will do anything to prevent being viewed in this fashion.

Minton is a CPA who left the world of public accounting to pursue a career in real estate. The president of The Home Selling Team, Inc., in Cleveland, Ohio, he has since been a successful broker, author and consultant. An investor in all types of properties himself, his Income for Life program of deals with single-family homes in desirable locations bought and sold with a proven rent-to-own method outlined at www.quitworksomeday.com.

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  1. Hennie says:

    Some great advice. Works for me.

  2. I like to surprise people around me, so I tend to keep my goals as a “secret” – it has worked for me. But I do understand the concept of making it public, then you are somewhat forced to act on it, or else you look like an donkey 🙂

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