Can I have my life back, please?

Feb 23rd, 2011 | By | Category: Coaching/Mentoring Success Strategies

By Michael Brewster

If you are like most people today then, you find that you have very little time available to do all of the things that you need to accomplish.  It might be time for you to consider taking your life back.

Most individuals work the majority of their ‘awake’ hours each day.  Then, they have obligations to friends and family that eats up much of the additional time they have available.

In order to reduce some of the required obligations and to take back more time for yourself, you might consider delegating much of the menial tasks to others.  This could be in the form of handing out chores to different family members.  It could be the rotating of chores such as cooking or laundry amongst yourself and others.

This can even go to the extremes of hiring additional help.  I’m talking about a housekeeper, lawn service or a personal valet service.  These services will take care of many of the required and yet mundane tasks of everyday life.  They will pick up the laundry, cut the grass, cook dinner, and even shop for groceries.

Not all of these services are available in all areas of the country.  What if you’re a small business?  You might want to consider a virtual assistant.  This is someone that will work for you on a part time basis to do work such as answer calls, write letters or handle emails.

Each person, depending on their economic abilities, will determine what works best for them.  Everyone should, if they have not already, consider having some form of additional resources for income.

This can be achieved by starting a business from home.  It could be anything from selling items on the Internet to real estate investing.  What we’re looking to accomplish is creating additional resources of income as well as benefits for ourselves.  Benefits like getting your life back and tax advantages to name a couple.  Your CPA can give you a list of tax advantages for having a home based business.

Don’t wait to take your life back. Get started today. Here’s to your success.

Michael Brewster has been successfully investing in income producing real estate since 1995.  He is known for mentoring students from coast to coast who wish to achieve a 6 figure income.  Visit to get his monthly coaching call & Journal absolutely FREE!  Call his office; mention “IMA” and Michael will set aside one 30 minute call to personally lead you toward finding your Treasures in Real Estate. (817) 431-0186


2 Comments to “Can I have my life back, please?”

  1. Hennie says:

    Time management is in my own hands. I am the one that making the choices every day!

  2. Tough one 🙂 For many, time seems to elude them… it just at times swifts through my fingers 🙂 But, yes, when I consciously schedule, eliminate time wasters, delegate what I can, postpone what I don’t need now, then time is my friend 🙂

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