12 Action-Steps to Fail-Proof Your Business Success

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 12 Action-Steps to Fail-Proof Your Business Success

Remember! Take it one step at a time...!

by E.G. Sebastian

Did you know that…

  • 12 out of 13 speakers fail within the first year of their business
  • 80%+ of coaches make less than $10,000 per year
  • Only 2% coaches make a 6-figure OR above income
  • 80%+ of all start-ups go out of business within the first year

Business Success – The 1000 Mile Journey Starts with “Only” 12 Steps 🙂

There are a few things you can do that will help you experience true business success… Here’s how to stack the odds in your favor:

  1. Create a GOOD AND SIMPLE marketing plan (see a sample 90-Days Marketing Plan, complete with action steps, at www.getMoreClientsAcademy.com)
  2. Pick a PROFITABLE / GOOD NICHE (See  “Niche Marketing” – How to Find a Profitable Niche Worksheet included)
  3. Create a professional looking (not fancy) website  (see “How to Build a Website that Converts Visitors into Clients”)
  4. PRIORITIZE, FOCUS, and STAY ORGANIZED – Work on one thing at a time till completion; create a to-do-list and work on most important things first (See Week 2 on “How to Get and Stay Organized”)
  5. Take CONSISTENT ACTION on your marketing plan (I have a saying “Show me your SALES FUNNEL, and I’ll tell you why you fail or succeed” – See Week 4 on “How to Develop a Fail-Proof Sales Funnel”… after all, let’s face it, there’s no business if there are no sales!
  6. If you didn’t get trained in your area of “expertise,” make sure to get trained.  Then once trained, attend seminars, conferences, teleconferences, etc. to become as knowledgeable as possible in your niche.  Read at least 3 books/year in your niche; 5 or more is even better (try to get them in audio format, so you can listen to them while you travel, are stuck in traffic, stand in long lines, etc.)
    Clients WILL COME BACK FOR REPEAT BUSINESS and you’ll START GETTING REFERRALS at a much higher rate if you are perceived as a knowledgeable (and reliable) expert.  (“Reliability comes from point 4 above)
  7. Become recognized as an expert in your field (see Week 3 “How to Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Niche in 30-Days”
  8. Become highly visible in front of your niche-prospects.  Become known to them as the person to go to when they have a challenge (see Week 5 “How to Become Well-Known in Your Niche Market
  9. Become “Most Wanted”!
    People do business with people they know and like… (see Week 6 “How to Become Known and Liked by Your Niche Market”)
  10. Have an Opt-in process and GROW A TARGETED/NICHE LIST!
    Collect your prospects’ and clients’ contact info so you can stay in touch with them and generate repeat business (see Week 3 “7 Ways to Grow Your NICHED Opt-in List”)
  11. Develop a great relationship with the individuals on your list(s) (see Week 3 “How to Nurture a Great Relationship with Your Subscribers”)
  12. Teach your subscribers, clients, and audience members (if you do workshops or other public speaking) HOW TO BUY FROM YOU over and over again (see Week 7 “7 Ways to Help Prospects Decide to Do Business with You”).  And this is key, as you want your subscribers spend their money with you, not with others.  This is the culmination of the previous 11 steps and this is the step that will KEEP YOU IN BUSINESS and prospering.

Does it sound like a lot?  “The thousand-step journey starts but with one step…” Lao Ce said wisely only a “few” years ago…
Building a house… or a bridge… sound like big projects, but they are done through careful planning and taking one step at a time.  Just imagine if the bridge builder tried to put the middle of the bridge above the water first… now, that sounds dumb, doesn’t it; yet so many of us try to do that with our solo-preneur practices. Follow the above 12 steps in the order provided to create the bridge of your desire to succeed with the success you deserve.


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© Copyright 2010 — E.G. Sebastian is successful solo-preneur with close to a decade internet-marketing experience and close to two decades of brick and mortar type business management experience.  Find out more about him and his online business at http://www.egSebastian.com/facilitator_kits and http://www.getMoreClientsAcademy.com

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6 Comments to “12 Action-Steps to Fail-Proof Your Business Success”

  1. I like this very practical list of 12 steps to fail-proof your business. These are steps I can take, one day at a time, some of which I’ve already done. Everyone talks about finding your niche, but no one gives examples of niches that work. What are some of the niches you are familiar with that work for bringing in clients?

  2. Lynn Brown says:

    These 12 steps E.G., makes for a great checklist! I’m finding that many professionals while they have many years of experience, knowledge and background in their field, they are not savvy to understand how to actually create their business into a profitable one.

    Your steps would be a tremendous help to get started. But it is also the perserverance and consistency of any business plan. If that falls through the cracks then that is when business hopes seem to fall apart. So many people have asked me how do I ‘hang in there’. Even though it is my passion, I believe it is because I did find that ‘niche’ that is helping me to stay focused and to keep it simple as you mention above. Good stuff, thanks for sharing EG.!

  3. Hi EG,
    Thanks for this very practical list. I will check my business approach against this list.

    Getting clear on one’s niche is difficult. For instance, On our site ( http://www.iboostmylife.com/Home.aspx ) we stated our mission as follows, “Our mission is to create a website with sophisticated tools and content that enable our clients to boost their life in a positive direction through Self Coaching and Peer Coaching”.

    So, the niche seems clear: those people who want to engage in Self Coaching and Peer Coaching.

    But even this definition of our niche might give room to wander and to get lost. One yet unresolved question is, What kind of coaching? — in terms of life coaching, career business, spiritual, or should we accommodate all? And the other question for us is, Should we address individual coachees or also offer it to businesses as part of their internal development program?
    The answer to both questions will have a huge impact on the development requirements of the site in terms of functionality and content.
    (With thanks to our lead engineer Zanshin Shimlaya for explaining this to me.)

    Greetings, Crystal

  4. Hi Crystal,

    Congrats on having a great mission statement displayed on your site. It is narrow enough to attract people who look for personal-improvement/solutions online, yet broad enough to attract a broad “audience.” (Depending on the results you get, you might want to ask yourself “Is this focus too broad? – but if you keep getting great results and generating expected income, than I wouldn’t change a thing).

  5. Lynn, thanks for your nice comments! Glad that you found the info useful.

  6. Thanks for your kind comments on my post, Nanette!

    As far as for profitable niches… There are hundreds (if not thousands) of great niches out there. The question is, can you position yourself as a “most wanted” in that niche? That is, can you attract largen # of prospects to see your offer and will you project trust and professionalism (will they like you) in order to invest in your services or products.

    The easiest niches to break in – if you have experience in these areas (or if you take the time to get fairly good in these areas) – are Executive Coaching; Marketing coaching, any niche where you help your clients make more money… There are many other greta niches out there – find a group of people with a major problem (e.g. parents who have crappy relationship with their kids and want to improve upon that… really badly… and are willing to do whatever it takes). You can see a list of about 100 niches at http://yoursuccesschecklists.com/teleclass-recording-part1/ – scroll down to the bottom and click on the Niche Marketing eBook link. I hope this helps…

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