Marketing Tutorials – Web Strategies, Part 1: Get Your Site Instantly On Top of Search Engines

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Web Strategies, Part 1: Get Your Site Instantly On Top of Search Engines

So…. you got a website, now what? 

Unless you actively promote your website, chances are that extremely few people will ever get to see your site.  Without traffic, our site is just a fancy brochure “floating” out there in cyber space without providing us any real benefits.  Check out this video and learn about some proven strategies that will ensure that your website gets ranked on the top of search engines.

Forward the video to skip my jibber-jabber, to the 1 minute mark, then explore with me…

  • When you should create OR REDESIGN your website
  • How to build a site that instantly gains your visitors’ trust
  • How to build a professional looking site (and stay in control of its design) for less than $100.00 (starts at minute 4:24)
  • HOW TO GET YOUR SITE TO RANK HIGH IN THE SEARCH ENGINES INSTANTLY (on first page, in the top 5… or 10 — starts at minute 8:21)
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies
  • How to use the Google Keyword Tool to get keywords that will help your site or blog rank higher in the search engines (even though I’m saying in the video that I’m not using this technique much, I do know what keywords are hot for my niche, hence I keep using those over and over again in most of my posts and my web copy)

Let me know what you thought about these tips… Also let me know if you use some other strategies to get high ranking in search engines.

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Get Ranked on Top of Search Engines

Get Ranked on Top of Search Engines


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