Is It Possible to Brand Yourself On Social Media Networks Without Spamming?

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by Chris Tompkins, CEO, Go! Media International, LLC and Co-Founder of Served Fresh Media, LLC and Co-Host of “Fresh Out the Oven”

Don't SPAM!

Don't SPAM!

Since the day they cut the ribbon on the worldwide web, there have been people working hard on ways to spam you. Spam is marketing gone wrong and spammers are the much-hated scourge of the Internet – the social media realm is no exception. Most users try hard to evade these spammy interactions. When marketing your business, you want to avoid being viewed as a member of this pesky ilk.

But how do you avoid that pitfall and still use social networking as a tool to market your business?

Two words: Be Genuine.

Social networking is all about making connections and building relationships. As any top salesman worth his salt will tell you, “You’re not selling a product, you’re selling yourself.” Social media platforms are all about authenticity. Branding couldn’t be easier for those willing to open themselves up and truly connect with their potential clients.

Be Real – Connect with people by sharing who you are, your thoughts, feelings and ideas. Don’t project a false “image”—sooner or later, you’ll be found out.

Have Conversations – Participate in and create discussions that are stimulating and informative.

Spreading ideas and providing respectful and thought provoking debate can get you noticed.
Build Relationships – The most loyal of customers are people who know and trust you.

Don’t Pitch – No one likes a salesman, so save the pitches for the car lot. Trust that you have the “right stuff” (a unique service, product or perspective) that will draw those who need that “stuff” to you.

Listen & Be Helpful – If you are listening to what people have to say about their likes, dislikes, needs and desires, you will know better how to serve them. You might also know how to help them solve a problem. When you give, you get in return.

Provide Value – Whenever you do post something, make sure it’s something of value. Whether it’s a witty status update that brings a smile and leaves them with a little piece of your personality or a quick blurb and link to a relevant article, make sure you’re not only making contact but sharing something valuable. Can it brighten their day, teach them something, get them in on an incredible deal? Then it has value. People prefer value over bottom barrel prices.

No Expectations – Don’t have expectations for how and when people should respond to what you give, building any relationship takes time. They may not need you today but they might tomorrow. The person they trust the most, who is freshest in their mind, gets the business or referral.

Spamming is very recognizable. That’s why email servers have created a file and filters to catch it. You don’t want to end up in the SPAM file. Provide value, practice authenticity, care about people, and you should do just fine.

What do you think? Is it possible to brand yourself online without spamming? Also (this is slightly unrelated) but I would LOVE to hear your favorite spamming stories! Please share.
By Chris Tompkins, CEO, Go! Media International, LLC and Co-Founder of Served Fresh Media, LLC and Co-Host of “Fresh Out the Oven”

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2 Comments to “Is It Possible to Brand Yourself On Social Media Networks Without Spamming?”

  1. Hennie says:

    I believe it is possible top brand yousrelf without spamming. It is a process wehereby you build credibility and takes some time.

  2. Yes, it’s a tough call. So many get this one wrong… and I’m sure I’m getting it wrong at times. I believe it’s important to study social media marketing in order to come across as genuine and “attractive,” and not spammy…

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