Teleclass: Improve Your Sales Skills through Better Understanding your Sales Style

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Improve Your Sales Skills
through Better understanding your Sales style and your prospects’ and clients’ buying styles!

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From: E.G. Sebastian  
Re: Teleclass – How to Understand your Sales Style, the Four Buying Styles, and Connect Most Effectively to Your Prospects and Clients
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  • Connect more effectively with your prospects and clients
  • Learn about the Four Sales Styles
  • Learn about YOUR Sales Style
  • Discover your sales style’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn about the Four Buying Styles
  • Learn How to Increase Client Retention

Discover simple techniques that will help you successfully adapt your sales style to sell most effectively to each of the buying styles?

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Bonus 1: Get instant access to our 2-page FREE People Reading Guide with easy tips on HOW to recognize different Buying Styles and simple strategies on HOW TO SELL MOST EFFECTIVELY to each style.

Bonus 2: – When you sign up for one of our upcoming teleclasses, you’ll receive a FREE sample DiSC Sales Styles profile (22 pages).  
Take a peak at someone’s Sales Style assessment and see if you’d be interested to FIND OUT YOUR SALES STYLE.  The assessment also contains :

  • the detailed description of the FOUR BUYING STYLES
  • describes simple ways to recognize the four buying styles
  • explains the drive and expectations of each of  the four buying styles during a sales/buying experience
  • simple tips on how to adapt one’s sales style to each of the four buying styles

Bonus 3: Communication Skills Magic – see the Table of Contents and excerpts on

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Understand Your Sales Style and Your Customers' Buying Style

Understand Your Sales Style and Your Customers' Buying Style


When: April 18,12:00 pm to 1:00 pm EST / 9:00 am t0 10 am PST Difficulty Level: Beginner through Advanced

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