How To Identify and Attract Your Ideal Clients Like Moths To A Flame

Sep 14th, 2010 | By | Category: Coaching/Mentoring Success Strategies

By: Lina Penalosa

“You can’t climb uphill thinking downhill thoughts.”

Last month I explained that before you can begin writing copy that compels and sells, the stuff that attracts your ideal clients, you must first get your personal values in alignment with your actual business practices.

This month we’re going to discuss the last step you’ll need to take before we tackle the challenge of copywriting itself.

Envision The Ideal Client

Either now or later on today when you can get about 10 minutes to yourself find a quiet place you can sit with your client list, Rolodex, PDA, or whatever, uninterrupted.

Starting anywhere in the alphabet, begin scanning the names in front of you. Take plenty of time with each one and resist the urge to move to the next until you have a clear mental picture of that person in your mind…until you can picture their smile, hear their laugh, and feel the way you normally do in their presence. Do this for each client or would-be client on your list.

Once you’ve reacquainted yourself with each one, choose the most ideal of them all. The one who always respects your time, appreciates your work, pays you your asking fee, is a pleasure to work with, you get the idea. (If you’ve never had one of these, imagine what your ideal client WOULD look like.)

Now that you have this person’s face and personal characteristics clearly pictured, take a few moments to focus on this ideal client. Consider all the interactions you’ve had with this person in your past and all the things you admire and like most about that relationship.

Now on a piece of paper, start writing down all of the characteristics that make this person your most ideal client. Then take a moment to review them. What else could you add? What could you change about this person that would make them even more ideal? Go ahead and add those too.

If you’re having trouble creating a comprehensive list, use the one below to get you started.

My Ideal Clients…

  • Return my phone calls promptly.
  • Listen to my advice with an open mind.
  • Are successful and wealthy.
  • Regularly refer me to their friends, clients, colleagues, etc.
  • Pay me on time and in full.
  • Are running a healthy business with purpose and clarity.
  • Require my creativity and innovativeness.
  •  Have me on retainer.
  • Have realistic expectations.
  • Only want me to personally work on their business 5 hours per week.

Envision The Ideal You

Now consider what you are willing to provide in exchange. Make a list on the other side of your paper with all the details. (See the list below for examples.)

Ideal Client’s Expectations
I choose for my ideal clients to expect me to:

  • Have a profitable business. (How profitable?)
  • Have a solid infrastructure. (What does the infrastructure look like?)
  • Be professional. (What does that include?)
  • Be an expert in my field. (How do experts distinguish themselves from others?)
  • Be able to work with them on retainer. (What would your retainer schedule look like.?)

Once you have your two lists complete, take a few moments to review them. Over the next few days or weeks continue adding to them, or subtracting from them, as you get clearer about what it is you want to attract into your life.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be ready to start writing copy that compels and sells to your ideal clients.

Stay tuned for next month’s article on The Single Most Important Part of Copywriting: Get This Wrong and It’s ‘Game Over.’

To your success,

Lina Penalosa

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