Marketing Tutorials – Web Strategies, Part 2: How to Design a Client-Attracting Site

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Web Strategies, Part 2: How to Design a Client-Attracting Site

Does your website generate leads…? … convert visitors into prospects and clients???

Here are a few web strategies to help you create a website that generates leads and attracts paying clients:

  • First Impression counts
  • Keep your pages simple and professional
  • Watch out for spelling blunders and gramatical crimes
  • Use Effectie Headlines and Sub headlines
  • Use graphics (though, don’t overdo it)

Did you find these tips helpful? Let us know your thoughts…

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2 Comments to “Marketing Tutorials – Web Strategies, Part 2: How to Design a Client-Attracting Site”

  1. Lynn Brown says:

    Having a professional looking site is important. All your points are easy to follow and will help to build a more effective site that will produce results. However, when you are setting up your 90 day plan that you mention, be sure to also set up a budget. You will have some things that may be necessary to complete your site. For instance, your images should be your own or you purchase them royalty free. Otherwise, if you are just grabbing images from the internet you could get caught with copyright infringement.

    Thanks for sharing your tips E.G.

  2. Great points, Lynn – very professional approach to business 🙂

    Setting up a budget is definitely helpful and is something that everyone should include in their planning. Thanks for bringing this to my attention – I’ll definitely include this in my 90-day program…

    When it comes to graphicsI also believe in FREE resources or low cost resources. I use (FREE) as well as (low cost). And definitely DO NOT COPY ANY IMAGES FROM THE WEB AND USE THEM ON YOUR BLOG OR SITE!!!! I know somoene close to me who got fined $500 (Ouch!) just downloading a picture from the web and using it on their site.

    Setting up a budget comes in extremely handy when you decide on advertising and promotional venues, such as how much you plan to spend a month on Pay-per-click, newspaper advertising, faceBook ads, etc. (and I know, Lynn, that you are doing this, I’m just expanding on the subject for my other readers who might be at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey)…

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