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About the author: Darius D. Arnold is the Founder and President of FORWARD, Inc. a company committed to providing intense, results-oriented, high impact, easy to implement strategies and “how-to” information for advancing people FORWARD in each of six critical life zones: spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, socially, and financially.

How many people do you know who wear glasses or contacts?  Chances are, you may be wearing a pair right now.  In fact, I am wearing a pair of glasses as I write this article.  Do you know anyone who has already had their vision corrected using laser technology?  What is so important that we would continue to spend our money for these things?  Focus.  If we can’t see clearly, we will spend whatever it takes to regain our focus.  If focus is so important to us in regard to our sight, why does it take a back seat in other areas of our lives?  Focus is just as important (if not more so) in our business, our health, our relationships, our finances, etc., but yet we often overlook its importance and in so doing, we pay the price every single day.  Use the following four points to understand the benefits of focus and apply each to improving these important areas immediately.

I.  Focus Accelerates Accomplishment

When you decide to be a person of focus, you will begin to see your life propelled forward and begin realizing your destiny at an extremely accelerated rate.  When you harness the power of focus, you can achieve in six months what could otherwise have taken six years.  One of the best examples of this comes from an article that I recently read which challenged the commonly accepted idea that having the ability to multi-task is a positive quality.  Stop pretty much anyone on the street and ask if they feel that multi-tasking is a positive or negative quality to look for in an employee and I’m confident you will hear a unanimous and resounding response of “positive”!

The article that I read was of a well-known university’s study of this commonly accepted idea to see if multi-tasking is a positive trait for someone to have or if it actually makes someone less effective.  Now, I’m like anyone else and would assume that multi-tasking is a good thing.  In fact, I have been hired for many jobs throughout the years using “I’m great at multi-tasking” as one of my selling points.  Well, the university’s study showed just the opposite.  It proved that people who multi-task actually accomplish less throughout the day than individuals who prioritize tasks at the beginning of the day and then execute each task one at a time throughout the course of the day.  Those who multi-task actually burn up a great deal of their time trying to “get back into the flow” after each distraction and waste much of what would qualify as their peak performance hours.  Focus will accelerate your accomplishment.

II.  Focus Jolts Your Joy

When you decide to become a person of great focus you will immediately experience a jolt of joy!  Far too often we focus on too many things at one time.  When we focus on too much, we are actually no longer “focused”.  The perfect expression of focus would be to eliminate things from our lives that are “less than” or unimportant.

When we choose to focus, we are forcing ourselves to remove the clutter from our lives.  Clutter and chaos create high levels of stress and produce feelings of overwhelm.

Identify those activities that directly impact your primary goals.  Ask yourself which activities you are spending time on, which have little or no real connection with your life’s primary goals.  You cannot afford to continue spending time on activities that have no significant relationship to your main objective.  These powerful decisions will begin to open up your schedule to a much greater extent and you will feel a sense of calm that you haven’t felt for a long, long, time.  Joy is restored to your life by simply realigning with those things which represent who you are as an individual and by investing your time into areas that are truly fulfilling.  Focus will give your life a jolt of joy!

III.  Focus Causes Obstacles To Become Obsolete.

I’ve heard it said by more than one mother that while giving birth to a new baby is one of the most painful experiences that a woman can have, the pain is nothing in comparison to the feeling of joy that they have when they see the face of their newborn baby.  I think that maybe one of the reasons God delegated the child bearing process to the woman instead of the man is because most men would opt for remaining childless if that were the requirement of a newborn baby.  (At least that’s the case with me!)  I’m pretty sure that if someone told me the only way to have a baby was for it to come out of me the way they typically come out…well, it’s pretty safe to assume that I would be opting for the 3 dogs and 2 cats in lieu of the children.  Our family portraits would be of my lovely wife and I, sitting with our furry little tail-wagging darlings.

I use this example because I believe that you could double or triple the pain involved in child bearing and we would still have women happy to sign up for the privilege.  You hear women claim that child bearing is horribly painful, but then you see the same women only a few months or years later pregnant once again, and quite often, again, and again, and again!  These women somehow manage to lose sight of the pain because their complete focus is upon the ultimate goal of holding that beautiful newborn baby in their arms.  These women want so badly to hold and kiss that little gift from God that they will endure whatever is necessary to bring that little miracle into the world.

When you become completely consumed with accomplishing your single objective through focus and begin to really live as though the realization of that goal is the most important task on your plate, it no longer matters what challenge presents itself, it will not be so intimidating that it can cause you to quit, back down, or reconsider.

If you are pursuing a goal that you can be talked out of or in which the goal’s attainment requires you to endure more pain than you are willing, you should find a new goal.  Any goal worth pursuing will have its share of naysayers who intend on enlightening you that you should give up.  Any goal worth pursuing will also come coupled with its share of painful and embarrassing circumstances.  Laser beam focus will cause both of these challenges to practically go unnoticed as you pursue your goal.  Focus has a way of making a mountain look like a small pebble.  The more intense your focus, the less intense your obstacles appear.  If you are ready for your obstacles to become obsolete, you’re ready to focus.

IV.  Focus Is A Window For Wealth

Great wealth has always been realized in specific areas of focus.  You’ve never heard of someone striking it rich in every type of business imaginable.  Wealth is always awarded to those who understand the power of focus.  The world stands up and applauds great men and women of focus.  We applaud those who master a particular area so well that their abilities seem impossible and the impossible seems simple.  Focus rewards its students with wealth and notoriety.  For example, I can say a name and you can immediately identify their chosen area of focus.  Names like, Michael Jordan, Emiril Lagasse, Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, and on, and on, and on.

I had a best friend in high school who was always completely consumed by anything having to do with military planes.  If I was hanging out with him at his house and he happened to flip past a channel on t.v. that was airing a World War II documentary, I knew it was time to head home.  He would sit and stare at that type of programming for hours.  He was always watching the History Channel trying to find out as much as he could about military planes and aeronautics.  As you would expect, he was in our high school’s R.O.T.C. program and began wearing their military uniform to school.

After graduation, we lost touch with each other as is usually the case.  Then, years later I was back in my home town visiting old friends and someone informed me that after graduation he had gone on to become an award winning dog trainer.  No, I am kidding.  He had gone on to do exactly what I expected him to do.  He had joined the Air Force and was serving as a fighter pilot.  He had narrow, laser-beam focus and nothing could shake him from the pursuit of that dream.  So, today he reaps the rewards of such great focus by being able to pilot some of the fastest planes ever built.  Only a select few will ever have such great privilege.

When you take the deliberate action of removing distractions in your business and create an environment conducive to intense focus, you close every door that leads you down a path of lack and you open up a window for wealth!

Darius D. Arnold is an accomplished author, popular speaker, conference host, and peak performance consultant based in New Port Richey, Florida.  To receive a copy of his breakthrough free report entitled, “Power To Prosper” simply call (727) 379-3867 or send an email to:



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