Diva Dares You To Raise Your Rates!

Jan 3rd, 2012 | By | Category: Business-Success Strategies

By:  Kim Duke

It never ceases to amaze me.

Powerful, fantastic, intelligent, well-respected, hard-working, independent, fiesty, determined and talented women….

will Hum and Haw when I ask them to review what they charge and see if it makes sense to raise them!

They get a little shaky, start consuming lots of coffee or herbal tea, look around the room anxiously and say…

” I don’t know Kim…I  just don’t know if my customers will still buy from me if I do that.”

You Are Worth It!!

Hey – I have been there too.  It we’re not careful we can all reach a level of complacency with our pricing if everything is going along Tickety Boo (OK – that phrase came direct from my mother!)

Fortunately – I have Diva Radar that lets me know when it is time to shake things up a little!

How You Can Have Diva Radar Too!

  • Look Over Your Shoulder. Review the past 2 years. Did you increase your rates to keep up with your increasing costs? How has your business changed? The business-related expenses? How are your profit margins? Are you investing MORE in your company?  (You KNOW you need to charge more – I just felt that vibe from you all the way in Canada!)
  • What Type of Client Are You Attracting? Are your clients choosing you because of your price? Service and price combined? Of course price is a factor – but they should FIRST be choosing you because of what you can do for them – and BETTER than anyone else.  If you are attracting “The Grinders” and you know who I am talking about here – then you absolutely do need to have a price increase strategy ASAP.
  • How Are Your Quarterly Projections? How many clients do you currently work with? Has that number increased or decreased in the past year? Has it flat-lined?  How much time are you investing with these clients? Who are the Top 20% which are the fuel generators of your business and who are the ones who are secretly draining the tank??

Get Your Fabulous Self To A Coffee Shop! I Diva Dare You!

Some Diva Fun-Work for you.  In the next 4 days – print off this e-zine, grab a pad of paper and a pen and head to a coffee shop for an hour.   Go through the Diva Radar steps and you will be surprised at the clarity that will quickly SWOOSH in on you.

That’s A  Sales Diva Promise.

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