Why Top Performers Use Coaches –And You Need One Now!

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By Dan S. Kennedy


Why Top Performers Use Coaches –And You Need One Now!

Why Top Performers Use Coaches....

Why Top Performers Use Coaches....

Why Should You ‘Plug-In’ to One or More coaches and Coaching Programs?

Having personally had hundreds of high-flying entrepreneurs, business and practice owners and sales professionals as well as people from my own fields of speaking, authorship, publishing and consulting in coaching groups for nearly a dozen years, and helping develop coaching programs in over 100 different industries, I think I have a pretty good understanding of why coaching seems to work so well for entrepreneurs, and why you should get one or several coaches of your own-especially now, if facing unusually challenging selling or business conditions.

Being Held Accountable

Being questioned and Challenged

Being Listened To

Being Recognized For Your Achievements

Being Accepted

Being Motivated


Different people have different needs at different times in their lives, but I find most entrepreneurs share all six of them to varying degrees.


On many occasions, as a speaker, I was on programs with, and had private “green room” time with legendary athletes like Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, Olympian Mary Lou Retton, George Foreman, and coaches like Tom Landry, Lou Holtz, and Jimmy Johnson.  The athletes all agreed that high performers personally hold themselves to gruelingly high standards, but even so, were it not for feeling accountable to teammates, fans and coaches, and being held accountable by their coach or coaches, who monitored their statistics, replayed film of misjudgments and mistakes, analyzed and assessed their performance, they would never have reached the levels of success they did.  The joke of entrepreneurship is:  good news and bad news, you’re your own boss!  Having a coach guide you in committing to doing, changing, testing certain things between now and the next call or meeting, then having you report on those things is guaranteed to improve your follow-through on your own best ideas!  In short, accountability automatically improves performance and results.

Questions and Challenged

The more successful you are, the less likely the people who work for you or are around all the time are to challenge your ideas.  It’s easy to wind up surrounded by “yes men.”  The outside coach with no axe to grind can be both objective and frank.  He can ask the provocative questions that force you to defend our idea.  If you can, that’s valuable.  If you can’t, that’s valuable too.

Listened To

A Newsweek magazine article about professional business/life coaches described us a “part therapist, part consultant.”  A lot of entrepreneurs have no one to talk to about business OR personal matters who dare “let their hair down with”…who will listen without any agenda.  I often find that a client will talk his way to his own terrific answer, solution, or plan of action if I’ll just listen.  Having a coach with life and business experience relevant to your own, who is personally successful, who can relate to you, and who you can relate to is extremely beneficial.

Being Recognized for Your Achievements

Everybody needs recognition and celebration-but to whom can the entrepreneur brag?  Certainly not to his employees, his competitors, his vendors.  Since most of the people I and the coaches I advise work with are “Renegades”, using unorthodox marketing strategies, most of the people around them actually disapprove of a lot of what’s working, even if they grudgingly acknowledge the results.  And often, if the owner of the business takes the garish black on neon green oversized postcard he spent days slaving over, that just pulled a 14 to 1 ROI, home to show his wife and kids, he gets a very disinterested response.  A “that’s nice dear” – not a “holy crap! 14-1!  You’re a genius.  Can I get a copy of that?”  Having a knowledgeable coach or, better yet, being part of a coaching/mastermind group gives everyone of us an appreciative audience who “gets it” who understands our accomplishments, and is able and willing to celebrate our achievements because they are secure in their own success.

Being Accepted

I call my most successful clients (and myself) “Renegade Millionaires’ because we violate just about every norm of our industries and professions…we are actually quite dysfunctional in one way or another…we think and talk differently than almost everyone around us in our day-to-day lives.  Because of this, a lot of successful entrepreneurs actually suffer silent frustration and loneliness.  In many instances, we can’t even explain what we do to ‘civilians!’  Feeling like “the fish out of water” most of one’s waking hours is not all that pleasant. That’s why being part of a coaching/mastermind group will like-minded “Renegades” is so invigorating.  One of the core human needs is to be accepted for who you are, without need of mask or cautious editing of expressed thought.

Being Motivated

Surely a top pro athlete being a game doesn’t need “motivation” but, actually the fact that they are paid millions, win, lose or draw, means they do need a great deal of other motivation to do all the behind-the-scenes hard work required for peak performance on the field.  In almost every locker room after every game, grown men who are paid millions to play their games are awarded game balls. Coaches cry, hug, atta boy!, nudge. Ultimately, all motivation is self-motivation, but there’s definitely contributions made by the people and ideas you associate with, the involvements you’re in, the successes of others you’re exposed to.

What Exactly Is Business/Life Coaching!

Most of the industry-specific advisors I work with deliver coaching much the same as I do; with different “levels” appropriate for different people.  The most common options begin with simple group tele-seminars or classes often with open question/answer for the participants, sometimes support with website resources or communities.  Next, plus some one-on-one tele-coaching.  Next, all that plus periodic mastermind group meetings.  At the highest levels, people travel from all over the country to attend the meetings.  Most of the LEADING EXPERTS profiled in this issue of the Magazine on pages 12 and 13 offer one or a number of coaching programs, mastermind-type meetings or even private coaching specific to their fields.  Also, for Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle Members™ we offer several options, including group tele-coaching as part of Gold+ Level Membership; mastermind groups at the local level in more than 100 cities (see:  Directory of Certified No B.S. Business Advisors™ and local Chapters at DanKennedy.com), and our international peak Performances Group led by Bill Glazer and peak-performance specialist Lee Milteer.

If any or all of the six needs I described apply to you, then the best investment you’ll ever make is finding and joining one or even several appropriate coaching programs!


Origins of Mastermind Group


Many coaching programs feature “Mastermind Meetings.”  Typically, with 20 or fewer members, who Share experiences and ideas, serve as each other’s sounding boards, gentle critics, tough questioners, and in some cases, assist each other with contacts and opportunities, one of the biggest sources of inspiration for the formation of such groups comes from the writings of Napoleon hill in his books ‘Laws of Success’ and ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ in which he describes the powerful mastermind alliance formed by Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Harvey Firestone.  I learned about other aspects of mastermind groups from a number of sources, including Joe Mancuso, expert on family business and founder of the CEO Clubs, and from a backstage conversation with Henry Kissinger.  “A Master-Mind maybe created through the bringing together and blending in the spirit of perfect harmony two or more minds out of this blending the chemistry of the mind creates a third mind which may be appropriated and used by one or all.” — Napoleon hill, ‘Laws of Success’

About The Author: Dan Kennedy is the author of nine business books, including his newest, NO B.S. TIME MANAGEMENT FOR ENTREPRENEURS, available in bookstores or from online booksellers. Additional information and free chapter previews at www.nobsbooks.com. Included with the book, a coupon for a free kit of peak personal productivity tools.  Kennedy is also a busy entrepreneur, consultant, speaker and direct-response advertising copywriter. Info at www.dankennedy.com.

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