How to Attract Coaching Clients with Your Workshops, Keynotes, Public Speaking…

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Workshops - #1 Way to Get New Coaching Clients and Generate Additional Income...

Workshops - #1 Way to Get New Coaching Clients and Generate Additional Income...

How to Attract Coaching Clients with Workshops and Keynotes

I’ll tell you in a second a few ways to attract new coaching clients, but first I just have to give “homage” to public speaking:

Public speaking is the greatest way to make a living… and to attract mentoring and coaching clients

Just think about it:

  • you get paid for doing what you love to do
  • you often get paid an unbelivable amount of money for what you love to do
  • you get to share your message to the world
  • you get to travel (many of us speakers love that part)
  • you get to meet countless wonderful people
  • you have the ability not to just dream, but actually adopt what your creative juices inspire you to do or share
  • you get to be seen by many as sort of a celebrity (definitely you’ll be seen as a super brave person, as most people would rather stick niddles under their toe nails than stand up and speak in the public)
  • and… did I mention that it’s one of the very few careers out there where you get paid to do what you love…?

I absolutely fell in love public speaking!  In the past 20 years I shifted businesses and careers more times than I want to admit it… Public speaking is my longest career ever – nearing a decade – and I’ll do it till I turn 99, then I’ll retire  🙂  … and it all started with doing a few workshops to attract clients for my coaching practice.

Now back to business!

Public speaking is one of the greatest ways to attract coaching clients

Whether you are a personal coach, life coach, business coach, relationship coach, or any other niche coach, public speaking – or workshops – is the quickest way to get your prospects to know, trust and like you (the magic formula for attracting clients).

I know many speakers – including me – who, yes, they love to travel (and some totally hate to travel), but they’d love to spend more time doing creative work (writing a book, writing a new speech, creating a new workshop, etc.)…

Here are a few ways on How to Get Clients for your coaching practice through public speaking that will result in spending more time at home and less on the road:

  1. Provide Coaching Services and Coaching Programs
    If you are not providing coaching to your audiences, you are missing out on a biiig chunk of income – income that you could generate while sitting on your but, in your home-office, staring out the window.  Fact is, you can’t really make a lasting impact in 90-minutes or even a ful-day workshop, so you are cutting your audience members short if you do not provide them the possibility to get more of you.To get some great coaching tools (trust me, you need them), visit (I haven’t been there in a while, but they used to have free coaching tools and a bunch of free training – they also have paid packages, which is well worth the investment) and– they have paid packages, but they seem very thorough and professional (I’m not related or compensated by any of the two sites)What to charge for coaching?  It depends.  I’d say that a base fee would be $450 per month for one meeting per week (by  phone, usually), for a 30 to 60 minutes session (I do 45 minute sessions for coaching / 60-minutes for mentoring).To get coaching clients, first of all start promoting yourself as one, get trained, get some practice clients, keep working on your skill…  Then each time you speak, mention some successes that you attained with your coaching clients… then at the end of the presentation/workshop/etc., give out a form that allows your audience members to sign up for your coaching program (and if they do it today, they’ll get a 25% discount – or even a 50% discount – for the first 30-days of coaching)To get more sign-ups, provide a CONDITIONAL (if you do everything we agree to during our coaching calls and if you don’t get the expected results, then you’ll receive 100% refund); or provide a 30-day or 90-day unconditional money back guarrantee (in my first years I provided a 90-day unconditional money back guarrantee – no one has ever taken advantage of it) To further increase your sign ups, provide coaching packages with a time-frame, such as 90-Days to Greater Profits, 90-Days to a Healthier You, Relationship Make-Over in 60 Days…Link the title of your coaching program to your presentation or to main points in your presentation.  You can provide 30-day packages… al the way to 1-year packages
  2. Provide Mentoring Services and Mentoring Programs
    Mentoring is perhaps the easiest way to generate an additional income as a speaker… or even as a coach.  As a mentor you don’t require to have any formal training, nor do you have to be a great listener (as a coach, you must be a pro listener, be non-judgmental, allow the client to come up with answers whenever possible,etc – as a mentor you do not need the whole package… though good listening helps here too)
    In a mentoring relationship you simply offer to teach your new client a skill:
    – how to build a wordpress-based website
    – how to create a membership site
    – how to develop a marketing plan
    – how to use social media to promote your business
    – how to lose weight and develop healthy lifestyle habits that will keep you fit
    – how to develop great stage presence
    – how to sell more products from the back of the room
    – how to get started in paid public speaking
    – how to become the confident person you always wanted to be (this wou’d most likely lend itself to a combination of coaching and mentoring)
    – html training
    – create products training
    – how to write a book in a week
    – and the list could go on to infinity… and beyond….Fact is, if you want to extend your income-generation beyond your speaking (especially whenever you speak for free or at a low fee), then providing mentoring to your audience members is a great way to generate some additional income. Make it easy for your audience to sign up.  Have sign-up forms ready and give them an incentive if they sign up on that day.
    Record your presentation – with a video camera AND  an audio recording device, whenever possible – and at the end of the day, offer the recording of the presenation for a fee.  SPICE your offer up with some irresistable bonusses, such as white papers, eBooks with super great info (and super great title) related to the topic of the day, etc + a free 30 minutes coaching  or mentoring session with you (and you put a value on it, such as “a Value of $125 – actually, put a value on each of the bonusses you provide with the recording).
    You can send them the recording by mail, as a CD, for higher perceived value; or as an Mp3 download… or a combination of two, again for higher perceived value.

In your bonus materials
– ebooks, ecourses, audio recording of past events, etc – you’ll promote subtly but repeatedly [without overdoing it] that you are available to coach or mentor the reader or listener…  You’ll also promote [subtly but super visibly] your products, online audio-courses, and whatever other services or products you might have.
The key is to provide tremendous amount of value – you want your client to say “Wow!  This is some super great stuff!  I’m so happy I invested in it… and I’m so surprised that he only charged so little for it…”  And if you accomplish that, they’ll invest in more of your products and services…

What to charge for the recording?
$2O.OO would be the least amount… but depending on the added value you provide, you could charge as much as $75.OO or more…  If you include recordings – or a whole library of recordings – of past teleclasses or live training presentations that are related to the topic of the day… plus perhaps a few check lists on how to get from A to Z… then you can charge more…


Put on Teleclasses or Webinars – paid or free – of your workshops or presentations and create products out of them.  During each teleclass/webinar promote your coaching or mentoring services.

Provide your listeners with the chance to purchase the recording of the teleclass or webinar… again, spicing it up with a several irresistable offer-type bonusses.


I already mentioned this in previous posts – and I’ll mention it again later – it’s just so important…

ALWAYS COLLECT YOUR AUDIENCE MEMBERS’ CONTACT INFO and stay in touch with them.  Send them regular value-loaded short videos, or short emails, a newsletter, etc. and always promote [subtly] your coaching or mentoring programs/services… and, of course, your speaking services…

I hope the above tips helped.  If they did, please give me some feedback in the comment section.  Also, if I left out something, or you have other creative ways to gain more coaching/mentoring clients through public speaking, share with us…

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  1. Helen says:

    Thanks for the great tips and tools. I never think to charge for the recording, that is a great idea.

  2. The key is to give those recordings titles that will sell: “12 Little Known Ways to Attract New Clients… by Next Week” — there should be some obvious benefit imedded in the title – something that pepole are willing to pay for (and keep the pricing low, at $7 or so (or 15), unless it’s a series or recordings…

  3. Good info, I need to bookmark this and go back to reread the great tips on attracting coaching clients with my speaking workshops.

  4. Glad you found them useful!

    Check out too for some cool Paid Speaker tips. I really neglected that blog, but there’s a ton of great info there…

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