LinkedIn Client-Attraction Strategies – Part 1: Create a Smokin’ Hot Profile

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LinkedIn Client-Attraction Strategies

LinkedIn Client-Attraction Strategies

In social media, just like in anything else, FOCUS is the

A few years ago, when I discovered the benefits of
social media, I joined all of them – and I’m not exaggerating.
Whatever I found, I joined, set up a profile, and… well, I’ve
never done anything with most of them.

I’m pretty “active” on Twitter due to my blog posts and radio shows being automatically posted there; but slowly but surely I forgot to even visit the other sites.

I also tried to stay active on the two top social media sites: FaceBook and LinkedIn… However, with FaceBook I accomplished minimal results, and LinkedIn was very “generous” with me, and by now I believe it is the most powerful social media for attracting new clients (as well as for job searchers – at least that’s what I heard – I’ve been self-employed most of my life) and for networkers.  “Networker” in the sense of a place where you can meet other
like-minded business people and can discuss business strategies, ask
for help; and as importantly find prospects, develop a relationship
with them, and “ask” for their business.  Often the “asking for business”
is as simple as keeping your prospects engaged with value content and
after a while mention some of your services or products at the
end of your value-driven content (article, video, checklists, blog post, etc).

So here’s how to do this most effectively – that is, most effectively
based on my experience and based on what I learned from other
successful entrepreneurs on LinkedIn: 

LinkedIn Client-Attraction Strategies – Part 1

Creating a Client/Niche-Friendly Profile

If you haven’t done so, go to
and create a profile.  Make sure that your profile contains the
following elements:

a. A professional – or great looking – picture
Make sure that the picture is of appropriate resolution (it will
not show up blurry) and as much as possible, you should pick a picture where
you smile (for some reason most of us feel safer developing relationships with people who have a smiling profile picture).

b. A customer benefit-driven profile description
Instead of listing a description of your credentials and
accomplishments, focus your description on how you
can help your clients.  When a prospect reads your profile, you
want them to exclaim – “this is exactly what I was looking for!”
E.g. “I work with authors who want to make their books a bestseller.
I’ve been helping people from all walks of life transform their books
into a client-generation tool and a source of repeat highly paid
speaking engagements…”  It’s all about how you can help me, the
prospect.  Most authors – this person’s target market – will instantly
want to connect with this person.  So… think how will your ideal
client benefit from your services and create a profile description based
on that… (feel free to pass it by me, I’ll be glad to give you some
feedback – support[at]egSebastian[dot]com)

c. As you create your profile, try to include keywords related to your
niche.  For example, if you are a relationship coach, make sure the term
“relationship coach,” “relationship coaching,” and “relationship development”
are included in your profile description as often as possible, WITHOUT making it
sound weird.  Do a search for your keywords and see who comes up on the first page
– get inspired by how they describe their business.
I, for example, come up on the first two pages for several keywords;
for example for the term Leadership Development, I come up on the
first page (out of 1,250,000+ search results – isn’t that something?)

This will get you started.  Go ahead, create that LinkedIn profile; or if
you have one, optimize it as described in points b. and c. above… then
next time we’ll cover Step 2 – How to Find Warm & Hot Prospects.

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