LinkedIn Client-Attraction Strategies – Part 4: CONTINUE Building Your Tribe of 1000 True Followers

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So… Did you follow through with your last parts’ assignments? Did you find the LI (LinkedIn) groups where your target market hangs out? Did you start developing a relationship with them?

If you still need help with any of the above, please join the Support Forum at and let’s talk about it…

How to Build Your Tribe of 1000 True Followers

I know, you are probably saying “E.G., do I have a sense of Déjà-vu or did you send out the same stuff twice?”

Nope!  I’m not repeating myself…  We’ll just build on the last part, except that this one is a long-term strategy…

Today we’ll discuss perhaps the greatest client attraction strategy on LinkedIn; one that has the potential for the greatest rewards of your time investment:

Consider starting a LinkedIn group!

Having your own group has several benefits:

–  you can attract your ideal clients

–  can position yourself as the expert to your group members

–  can send out regular communication to your group members (which after a few years can be in the thousands or even 100 thousand+ members)

–  it’s one of the most effective ways to develop a great relationship with your “followers” and work towards growing your “Tribe of 1000 True Followers)

You perhaps think “Why would anyone join my group?” or “Who the heck am I to start a group?” or a dozen of other self-limiting thoughts.  I say to that “Hush those voices and just do it!”  I started four groups and I gave up on two of them after about 2 years.  I did have a few hundred members in each of them, but there was zero activity in them; however, one of the four groups turned out to be a hot one: The Coaches’ Support Group (5000+ members and growing by about 200 members each month).  And while this group is not my primary target market, I do provide services that coaches can use, such as assessments, facilitator kits (explore them at, and recently started the site where we provide coaches and solo-preneurs all the tools they need to attract as many clients as they can handle (BTW, I’m looking for affiliate partners to promote my ClientAttractionAcademy site, paying 50% of the monthly membership fee – with only two referrals, you can have access to it for FR.E.E and all the referrals
beyond that can be a recurring monthly income for you — let me know if you have any questions).

So…, success with one out of four groups is not too bad (the fourth one is getting by – Coaching World – an open group).

Step-by-Step Instructions to Starting Your Own LinkedIn Group

  1. Decide who do you want to serve/attract
  2. Decide on a name for your group
    For example, if your ideal clients are small business owners, start a group called “Small Business Owners’ Support Group” (hey, that similar title worked for me – maybe it will work for you too); or “Small Business Owners’ in Search of Life-Balance”; name it whatever describes your target market and potentially your niche as well (“life-balance” coaching in our last example).
  3. Set up your group (really simple – less than 3 minutes)
    1. Go to 
    2. Click on “Groups” on the navigation bar (top of page, under the LinkedIn logo). 
    3. Once the new page comes up you’ll have a new sub-navigation bar (Groups You’ve Joined / Following / Groups You May Like / Group Directory / Create a Group)
    4. Click on “Create a Group” and fill out the info it asks for
  4. To create a logo, use a professional to create it for you, or use an online logo-creator (,, or; or create your logo in  PowerPoint and then click on Save As, then on the 2nd dropdown in the Save As box, click on Save As Jpeg, then click on the Save As button… then click on the Save This Slide Only option…
  5. Voila! You got your group ready!
    Post a welcome message and a few articles from your blog (or from your hard drive where they were collecting “dust”
  6. Invite your LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, ect. Connections to join your group.  Put a short description of your group and an invitation to join in your email signature.  Also mention it in your byline each time you publish an article online or offline. Have more ideas on how to attract more members to your group?  Post them in the discussion box below this article.

Well, there you have it!  You are ready to grow that Tribe of 1000 True Followers…  Follow all the LinkedIn strategies I shared with you and you can’t go wrong…

Next time we’ll steer away from LinkedIn and explore some more hot Client-Attraction strategies.  Meanwhile, you can also take a peek at to see a great resource for getting more clients.  Test the system – you’ll be glad you did.

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