LinkedIn Client-Attraction Strategies – Part 2: How to Attract Warm & Hot Prospects

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Get Warm & Hot Prospects through LinkedIn Groups

Get Warm & Hot Prospects through LinkedIn Groups

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So… the question is, did you create your LinkedIn profile?  Or did you spice it up a bit?  If you did, congratulations!!!  If not, take the time today and create it – it can’t take more than 20-minutes (or an hour, if you want to do a real good job) – but the return on your time-investment can potentially be rewarded exponentially.  LinkedIn has more than 100 million members and it grows by 1 million members per week… If you market yourself poorly on LinkedIn, even then you will find some clients; if you market wisely, it can generate you a very healthy stream of revenue.

With all that said, it takes some work (I know, that nasty four letter word: “work” again), but it’s been said many times throughout the ages
 that nothing worthy comes without some honest effort…

So let’s jump into some cool client attraction strategies.  Now that you have your hot, client-benefit driven profile description, you are ready to grow a great web of connections and ultimately attract a whole “tribe” of followers.

How to Get Warm & Hot Prospects through LinkedIn

Join the Groups where Your Prospects Hang Out!

  1. Go to and click on “Groups” on the navigation
    bar (top of page, under the LinkedIn logo).  Once the new page
    comes up you’ll have a new sub-navigation bar (Groups You’ve
    Joined / Following / Groups You May Like / Group Directory /
    Create a Group)
  2. On the top, right – under your name – there is a search box,
    which at this point should be set to “Groups” automatically
    (since you clicked on “Groups” – if it’s not, click on the
    drop-down menu and choose Groups) – in that search box
    type in keywords that relate to your ideal client (now it comes
    in handy what we talked about earlier: having a clear niche
    and target market J ).
    If you want to coach executives, put in keywords related
    to executives: manager, leader, leadership, executive
    (put one term at a time and hit Enter or click on the magnifying
    glass); or if your target market is parents, put in terms related
    to parenting; obviously “parent” and “parenting”…
  3. Carefully examine the groups that come up.  Let’s take for example
    if we search for the term “leadership,” today I got 11,244 results.
    Notice that they are listed in order of which groups have the most
    members (most groups on the first page have between 15,000 to
    50,000 members).
  4. Read the description of the groups with the largest number of members.
    Your goal is to join the groups that seem to have your prospects,
    while also having large number of members… Ideally, 10,000 or more,
    but for very specialized groups, such as parenting, coaching, and some
    others, just join the groups that have the largest #s of members – often
    in the high hundreds or 1000+
  5. Hit the “Join Group” button on the right side of the group you’d like to join
  6. Join at least 10 groups (the max you can join is 50)
  7. Most groups will need to approve your membership, which can take
    anywhere from a minute to a month (usually in a day or two you’ll get
    approved for most groups.
  8. Some of the groups are open to be visited by anyone.  When you hit the
    “Join Group” button, you’ll either get a message that says “Your Request
    To Join this Group is Pending” (or some similar message) or you’ll be taken
    directly to the group (if it’s an open group); in which case, you are free to
    browse the posts.  If this is your target market, you’ll see people discussing
    issues that you have solutions to.  Chime in to their discussions (at this point
    you can’t post your own discussion, but you can comment on others’
    discussions).  For example, I recently joined a consulting group and even
    though I was not allowed to post my own discussion yet, I noticed a discussion
    thread that read “How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?”
    Interestingly enough (seriously) just that morning I wrote a post on How to
    Stand Out the Crowd / How to be the Obvious Choice for Your Prospects
    ( –
    now that’s synchronicity at its best J – so I wrote a few comments and directed
    the readers to read more at my blog…

And that’s what we’ll talk about next time – How to Engage Group Members and
begin building a relationship… and a tribe of followers…

So, there you have it!  If you haven’t already implement each step as you were
reading, go now and apply the above 8 steps (and the 9th in a few days, if you
have to)


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