Learning Introspection:Tuning into [Your] Inner Wisdom

Feb 3rd, 2011 | By | Category: Personal Development

By: Marc Lerner

Learn Introspection - Tune in into Your Inner Wisdom

Practice Introspection...

Developing a connection to the Wisdom of your Body is the key to problem solving and creativity. This is an essential quality for the business world, for effective problem solving requires an openness to this depth.

The word introspection, from a Latin word meaning “to look inward,” is like the key to a hidden treasure that exists within each of us.  Unfortunately we have been taught that proper thinking is the key to the success we are looking for and with that focus we ignore the treasure that exists in the silence beyond our thoughts.  Clear thinking is an important tool in dealing with our external world, but to effectively deal with our inner reality we need resources that are found beyond thoughts.  I am talking about the Wisdom of our body, something that has evolved over millions of years to protect our species and is an incredible quality to have in today’s world.

When we face a struggle like poor health, there is no thought or understanding in your mind that can replace the Wisdom of your Body.  You would think connecting to this wisdom would be exactly what every sick person would like to do, but for many their conditioning doesn’t allow them to do that.  The simple desire to heal has the power to break you out of the prison of your character and connect you to the Wisdom of your Body.

Could the simple desire for success do the same thing and break you out of the prison of your character where you experience the Wisdom of the Body? In this blog I will share with you what I share with a patient and then use the same information to direct you to use the Wisdom of your Body at work.

I share with a person in a health crisis that from their inner wisdom they become an active partner with their doctor in the healing process.  This partnership uses the best of the medical world in medicine and treatments with the powerful inner resources of the patient. Now if we could use that wisdom to deal with our work like it works with the scientific medical world, we could see inner wisdom practically manifest in our daily life.

I tell the patient if healing becomes your most important desire, which having a chronic illness often creates, your focus naturally transcends old character habits.  There is one benefit in being sick every patient needs to take advantage of and that is illness has the ability to free you from your past conditioning and connect you to the Wisdom of your Body.

When you focus on the level of your thoughts and conditioning, struggle can mean defeat.  To the wisdom of the body, struggle is a time to grow and manifest beyond the way you were conditioned.   When you focus on the thoughts of the past only, it is as though you are looking in the rear view mirror as you drive.  If you only look to the past for answers; it may be hard to discover something new. Connecting to the Wisdom of the Body frees you from your old ways of thinking and allows you to be receptive to new ideas.

Healing demands introspection, but every aspect of our life would benefit from the depth beyond our thoughts, for that is where creativity bubbles up from and problem solving becomes an expression of the Wisdom of the Body. I feel we can deal with every challenge from the depth of inner wisdom or we can deal with any problem from our old habits and our old thinking patterns.

The key to tapping one’s inner wisdom is found with how much importance we put into our thoughts. People in a life threatening situation embrace their life more than they focus on thoughts and that is when they connect to the Wisdom of their Body. That approach is available for everyone, but most people hold on to their thoughts and avoid the depth of inner wisdom. A person in a health crisis that holds on to their thoughts limits their healing potential and I feel when we don’t let go we limit or creativity in solving our problem.

Marc Lerner wrote The Life Skills Approach, a guide that connects you to the Wisdom of your Body. Visit http://lifeskillsinc.com for a free book and then consider a book made for you with your pictures & examples to empower your staff.

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  1. Hennie says:

    Never undersetimate the power of introspection. This article re-affirmed a very important concept.

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