Implement a Lead Generation System, Part 3 – Nurture Your Leads (and Transform Leads into Prospects)

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Implement a Lead Generation System
Part 3 – Nurture Your Leads

In part 1 and 2 we discussed What is Lead Generation, How to Generate Leads, and How to Qualify those Leads.  Now that you followed those tips, you have a few hundred or few thousand leads, right? 🙂

Now what do we do with all the leads that we collected?

In the first stage you generated some leads; that is, a number of people (hopefully a large number) opted-in to your offer/s or got on to your list through one of the methods discussed in part 1, but  the real “work” starts now…

Putting up a great offer is often the easiest part of the Lead Generation “equation”; after all, if you understand your niche, you can easily create an offer that addresses their biggest challenges, be that an eBook, eCourse, eZine, video, video course, case study, white paper, or any other offer…  The hardest part of capitalizing on your lead generation efforts is to Nurture Your Leads and develop a relationship with the individuals on your list.

Fact is, if they download the greatest freebie from you, but you don’t communicate with them, then a few months down the road you send out a message about almost anything , there’s a great chance that the prospect has already forgotten you and will delete your message.  So…

Keep in Touch with Your List and Build Relationships

If you set up an autoresponder to deliver an eCourse or some other automated sequence of messages (video course, top tips, etc.), then you are set for a while, but even in this period you can check in with your list, sending them some critical value-loaded info, such as breakthrough news in your industry, or some share some great discovery on how to do something easier, faster ,or better…  Again, understanding your niche’s challenges will help you deliver the greatest value.

Once your autoresponder messages are over… well, load some more messages.  Or if you are more spontaneous in nature and/or have the discipline to send out an eZine/newsletter once or twice a week, at about regular intervals, then this is the stage where you have a chance to communicate more directly with your list.  Again by sending them regular value-loaded information and asking for some feedback…  You’ll find that developing a relationship with your prospects is the activity that leads to sales…

Initiate a Conversation with Your Prospects


I see many successful small business owners (including myself) sending out a message that’s actually a snippet of a blog post, then directs the email reader to click on a link to read the rest of the message.  This is a great way to connect with your prospects as this can start a conversation.  Once on your blog, if they like what they see, they’ll hopefully post some comments… And to increase the chances of your prospects commenting on your post, ask for them to comment.  End your posts with a question, such as “So, what do you think about all this? Post your comments below”; or “Did you find this helpful? Please share your thoughts?”; or “Did you have any similar experience? How did you solve it? Please share below…”

Teleclasses & Webinars

Another great way to keep your followers – or prospects – happy and engaged is by providing regular teleclasses or webinars.  This is a great way to get them to know you and perhaps like and trust you – all necessary elements to get closer to transforming your prospects into paying customers. 

Regardless whether you are doing teleclasses or webinars, make sure to prepare an outline before each call and deliver focused value-loaded information.  You want your prospects to leave the call thinking “Yes, this was really hot! It was worth my time and can’t wait to implement all the cool stuff I learned.”
By using the above strategies, you’ll end up losing some of your leads – which is ok, they are not your ideal client; not everyone needs your services or products – but at the same time you initiated a conversation with the leads who raised their hands and said “I’m interested – tell me more!”  And through this process you just promoted some of your leads to prospect “level” and soon they’ll be ready to be promoted to the most exciting level: the paying customer level J (discussed in next post).
Did you find these tips useful? Did you use any other ways to generate leads and/or develop a relationship with your prospects?  Please share below…

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