How to Run Your Coaching Practice Like a Real Business – TeleClass Series

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When: Monday, April 25,  @ 12pm – 1pm EST / 9:00 – 10:-00 am PST
You’ll receive an email a few days prior to each training session
Difficulty Level: Beginner  
( Coaches and other solo-professionals who don’t have a brick and mortar business location)
* Step-by-Step Pdf. CheckLists and MindMaps (where appropriate) will be provided for each topic we’ll cover; including “Discover The Missing Puzzle Pieces of Your Business” self-assessment

Presented by: E.G. Sebastian  (CEC, CSL) – successful coach/speaker with almost a decade experience and 20-years self-employement and business-management experience; “logged in” more than 3000 hours of coaching clients and presented close to a 1000 workshops (mostly full-day and two-day workshops, and a few keynotes now and then); has a bachelors degree in Business Management; author of Communicatoin Skills Magic;  Co-author of Bushido Business (co-authored with Brian Tracy and Steven M.R. Covey); and  Co-author (with international workplace bullying expert Catherine Mattice) of the soon-to-be released Back Off! 121 Ways to Deal with Bullies and Other Difficult People

Short Description: “Location, location, location!” is the mantra for brick and mortar businesses, and often if that one element is satisfied, many businesses go on to prosper for years…

How about your coaching “practice”? Are you treating it like a business? Unlike the brick and mortar businesses, you do not get clients unless you take take the appropriate actions to get in front of your intended prospects…

Sign up now for the 2nd part of this teleclass series (if you already signed up for the 1st one, you’ll be notified of each upcoming session) where we’ll cover…

  • Your Vision (a worksheet will be sent prior to call, so you can prepare a vision statemnt)
  •  Financial goals… monthly,quarterly, annual
  • Choosing a profitable niche (worksheet will be sent out prior to call; if you havent’ got it yet — fill it out prior to the teleclass)
  • The 12 Elements of a Client Attraction Website

Where:  Sign up below and find out what it takes to run your coaching like a real business – – you’ll automatically receive access to the recording of each call, so make sure you sign up even if you might not be able to attend the live event.


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Detailed Description:

Clients are the bloodstream of our business – without them we just pretend that we are in business.  But to attract our ideal clients we have to have some basic elements in place. 

Join this series of teleclasses and let’s explore the basics of a profitable coaching practice:

–         How to pick a profitable niche (worksheet provided)

–         Create a vision and a mission

–         Explore additional ways to fulfill your mission & generating additional income

–         12 must-have elements of a great client-attracting website

–         Strategies to get traffic to your site AND how to convert that traffic into paying clients

–         How to develop a business model that has the potential to attract clients and generate a healthy income

–         Develop a simple but effective marketing plan

–         Project annual and quarterly income

–         Adjust your marketing plan or business model to meet your income projections

–          develop a system that helps you maximize your efforts and generate the income you deserve
–          learn how to plan your days to ensure that you maximize your efforts and generate most income

–         Effective record keeping

–         Customer and prospects follow-up system and why you should have one

–         Customer referral “process” and why you should have one

–         9  steps to position you as an expert in your niche

–         Why you should provide additional services or products to satisfy your customers’ needs?

–         The 12 most common excuses & barriers that block you from succeeding in your business

These are just some of the topics  we’ll discuss during this teleclass series*.  If you are a beginner coach or someone who wants to become a coach, this is a must-attend teleclass.

* – we’ll have as many sessions as needed, till we cover all of the above.

! Register even if you can’t attend – we’ll send you the recording after each event !



As a thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule to join me on this teleclass, I want to give you a few incentives:

  1. Coaching Business Success Step-by-Step Worksheet / “Discover The Missing Puzzle Pieces of Your Business” self-assessment
  2. A pdf copy of my book Communication Skills Magic (a must-have book for every coach
    – understand why your client behaves and communicates the way s/he does
    – learn how to easily recognize the four main personality/communication styles
    – discover what motivates each personality style
    – find out how to help each style become more productive
    – learn simple ways to support your client in developing better relationships with anyone around them
    – and much more (
  3. Niche Marketing eBook (niche-discovery worksheet included)

 Simply enter your contact info below:


When you sign up, you’ll get access to the recording of the first telecalss as well…

Here’s what we covered in the 1st part of this series:
– E.G.’s journey to becoming a successful coach & speaker
– The benefits of being at the right place, at the right time, with the RIGHT SKILLS
– The importance of our beliefs and their effect on our success
– The difference between marketing a brick & mortar business and a coaching/consulting/speaking business
– How I got my first speaking gig
– How my niche found me & became an executive coach
– How to set prices for your workshops
– How to stop talking for free – shared the “magic formula” to getting paid for most/more of your speeches/workshops
– The importance of owning a professional looking website
– The importance of marketing training
– Importance of having a vision… and develoing a vision statement
– E.D. – the ready-to-go package that became the basis of my speaking success –


Got Questions you’d like discussed during one of the upcoming teleclasses? 
Post your questions in the Comments section below:

Do You Run Your Coaching Practice Like a Business?

Run Your Coaching Practice Like a Business

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  1. Your honesty and insight about building a coaching business is appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to put together this series!

  2. Thanks you, Shannon

    I wish I had access to something like this when I started out… There’s so much misinformation out there about coaching and there are so many trying to take atvantage of this group of well-meaning people… I hope I can put out enough information to get any dedicated coach get started and keep successfully attracting clients.

    I’m glad that I can put my experience to use – both as a coach and as an entrepreneur with close to 20 years experience – and help coaches see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, when it comes to honesty I’m still a bit “shy” – there are some things I want to say (and I will say them at one point, I’m sure) that thousands of coaches do and they shouldn’t; and I don’t want to hurt their feelings. I have to find a way to say these things nicely 🙂

    Make sure to join our Support Forum and join one of our discussions or start a new discussion…

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