Webinar Recording: Client Attraction Strategies: Improve Your Client Retention

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As coaches, speakers, consultants, and other solo-professionals, we have to come to the realization that “sales” is not a 4-letter word (duh! it’s 5, right?).  Without a sale there is no income, and without income there’s no business.  So… like it or not, you are a sales professional first, and a coach (speaker, consultant, etc) second.  Of course, selling your services or products does not have to be hard, nor threatening, after all you are selling solutions that others badly want and need…, right?

Join Relationship Development Coach and Certified DiSC Behavioral Consultant E.G.Sebastian as he explores HOW to connect more effectively with your prospects and clients!

Here are some of what we cover:

  • Connect more effectively with your prospects and clients
  • Learn about the Four Sales Styles
  • Learn about YOUR Sales Style
  • Discover your sales style’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn to easily recognize the Four Buying Styles
  • Find out what are some behaviors and communication tendencies that you can reasonably expect once you recognize someone’s buying (or personality) style
  • Discover how to build trust with the four buying styles
  • Explore how to sell most effectively to prospects of different (personality) styles
  • Explore how to write your web/sales copy to apeal to each buying/customer style
  • Find out why some people tend to buy services and products more impulsively than others
  • Learn How to Increase Client Retention
  • The People Smart Rule – the #1 secret to gaining new customers and to retaining existing customers
  • Discover simple techniques that will help you successfully adapt your sales style to sell most effectively to each of the buying styles?
  • Briefly explore Why and How to use testimonials in your web copy to increase prospects’ trust and willingness to buy (or hire you as a coach, speaker, etc.)
  • Understand your clients’ needs and become a more effective coach
  • Find out how to provide Sales Training workshops in your community… to your clients…, and beyond…
  • Here are the PowerPoint slides used in the presentation – feel fre to download it and share it (scroll to the title page, if it starts on a random slide):

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Coaching Client Attraction Strategies

Coaching Client Attraction Strategies

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