7 Secrets of Highly Successful Coaches

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Secrets of Successful Coaches

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It’s no secret that most coaches struggle…, yet it is common practice to do exactly what the unsuccessful coach does and hope to get different results – doesn’t that sound very similar to the theory of insanity Einstein was warning us about??? (“…doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results).  Some even go so far and hire one of the unsuccessful coaches to coach them – a true “blind leads the blind” setup.

So what are some of the secrets of successful coaches?

#1 – Successful coaches identify a need and fill it
Ask yourself “As a coach, what can I help my client with – what problem can I help them solve?”  “What challenge can I help them overcome?”, or “What strong desire can help them fulfill?” (If you need help discovering your niche, make sure to download the Niche Marketing/Niche Discovery worksheet at the bottom of this page: http://yoursuccesschecklists.com/7-sure-fire-ways-to-build-your-expert-status/ )

#2 – Successful coaches position themselves as experts in their niche
As a potential client, in what area can I view you as an expert? Do I see niche-related articles on your site? Videos…? Interviews… (where you interviewed other experts or you got interviewed)? Articles written about you…? Do I see links to live events – workshops, keynotes, etc. – that you’ve done or that are coming up…?

#3 – Successful coaches develop a relationship with their prospects before they expect to be hired
The way I see it, most coaches have a tad of unreasonable expectation when it comes to client attraction, and that explains why ninety percent of coaches make less than $10,000 per year [according to the latest fuzzy research I heard]. Often the expectation is “You saw me/my site/my offer – now let’s not mess around, let’s get married!”

When someone visits your site for the first time (or the 3rd or 4th time, you can have the most powerful “claims” – or benefit-driven headlines and sub-headlines, yet only some desperate and impulsive prospects will take you up on your offer. After all, let’s face it, what is it that we are asking this website visitor “See how cool I am? I can help you with your problem… and even though you don’t know me, I want you to whip out your credit card and pay me up-front $655 bucks for the first month of service (or as some coaches have it set up “…pay me $3000+ for the first 6 months of coaching… or $10,000+ for a year of coaching…”

I know I almost got married once after a first date – she was really beautiful… Yes, I was around 22, met this beautiful, sexy, and very smart girl… and the next day I asked her to marry me, and she said “yes”… Luckily it didn’t work out, as that would have been a rather dumb way to get into a marriage (or maybe it would have been great, I’ll never find out). And, no, I didn’t make up this story to make a point, but my point is that we often expect prospects to marry us – I mean, to hire us – after the first date (after their first visit to our website or our first communication with them)…

So what do we do?

Date 🙂

Just like in any relationship, we develop it step by step. “You got a problem? Low profits, frustrated, overwhelmed…? Got problems with the employees? High turnover, low morale, conflicts, bullying, lawsuits? – Let me help you – Download my complimentary White Paper / Case Study / eCourse / Video Course /Audio Course / Audio Training / etc and learn the 5 secrets to… / The 7 ways how most successful managers take control of… / Why never to… / How to reduce or eliminate lawsuits / etc.”

So… identify the problem, offer free solutions, then I develop a relationship by sending outoresponder messages… or “real” messages. In my case, I have 5000+ subscribers to my different opt-in messages; and another 3000+ signed up for my blogs’ rss feeds…  With a list of that size, business can be a breeze if you plan it right (communicate with your list, send them valuable info, offer them your products and services).

Which brings up another great point…

#4 – Successful coaches understand that coaching is only one of the tools in their toolkit
I love to use the hammer – it’s just a cool tool – I love banging at things; it makes me feel powerful and I can see immediate results [ok, I like axes even more, but I don’t want to mention that as I don’t want anyone to see me as a Freddie Kruger…]; BUT, just because I love to use a hammer, it does not mean that I’ll use it for all my problems around the house or in my life (gee, my wife would be full of some serious bruises, if I’d use the hammer each time I had a problem with her…)

Yes, it’s a silly example, but I want to make a point: Coaching is a tool. Your clients want solutions, and  not every client wants coaching. Of course they do have a problem that you could solve – and, yes, YOU know that you could solve it with the hammer – I mean with coaching – but the client is not ready for that tool… or not yet…

$5 – Successful coaches are versatile – have a whole box of tools
On the first date – that is, during a website visitor’s first visit to your site; or during a first conversation with a prospect – direct them to free offers (see examples mentioned above, under “Date.”  In my experience, the most effective FREE offers would be an eCourse or newsletter that delivers HIGH VALUE, NICHE-RELATED CONTENT – mix it up: use video in some parts, top tips, case studies, etc. – the key is to deliver content over time to develop that relationship)

Did the prospect take advantage of your free offer?  Now they learned a bit about you and about your solutions and if you are the right match, they now want more of you.  Here are some examples of what you could provide as a next step (delivered in your communication with them in your autoresponder messages, and only as a small part of your high value content delivery.  A good balance is to deliver about 80% high value content and about 20% self-promotion or promotion of an affiliate product or service that you totally trust).  So here are those examples:

* $14.47 book, if you wrote one [if you didn’t, write one – send me a private message and I’ll teach you how to write a short book and publish it at no cost to you]

* $29 and up for diagnosis tools, such as assessments – see some examples of mine at http://egsebastian.com/ed_sales_styles_profile and http://egsebastian.com/disc__360_assessment_for_leaders

* $47 eBook / downloadable home-study course / interview series with experts [good sales copy with benefit-driven statements is key here – study great sales copies – purchase some great books, such as “How to Write Great Copy, Turn Words into Traffic, Web Copy that Sells…]

* $47 to $97 membership site [or if you have some really hot content, then you can charge much more… or some charge a 1-time fee of $197… or $1997 – personally, I don’t really like the one-time fee model, though I do plan to try it out in the future]

* $97 group coaching [or $197… or a ted higher – depends on what problems you solve, and how badly your prospects want it — if you promise that I’ll triple my profits or my money back, I’d be retarded not to join your group coaching – or individual coaching – at any price point]

* $297 [or $2997 – again, depending on what type of solutions you provide] home study course [3-ring binder, complete with case studies, solutions to “121” of the most common problems, worksheets, self-coaching sheets, 4 CDs – one with printable worksheets, self-coaching sheets, etc., three with mp-3 recordings of the material + a DVD with a recorded live presentation, etc. – provide as much value, to make the client think “I’d be dumb not to take advantage of this offer” — regardless of the price, generate the feeling that it’s almost better than if they got it for free, as once they get your home study course, they’ll increase their profits / eliminate fear of cold calling / deal with the workplace bully more effectively / etc., or they’ll get their money back — even if you’d get 2 returns back out of 1O, you’d still do great…]

* $655 per month coaching [ or 1000+/month, again depending on WHO do you help and with WHAT]

So… these are a few tools that you should carry in your toolbox and pull out the one that the client is ready for. Coaching is only one of the tools… and when someone gets stuck in trying to fix every problem with this one tool, they limit themselves greatly…

#6 -Highly successful coaches are trained coaches and dedicated to continuous growth – they understand that they can command high fees because they are true professionals who have in place great processes, great tools, and in depth knowledge of how to solve their clients problems or help their clients accomplish their strong desires… (even if it often boils down to excellent listening skills, and asking empowering questions… while other times the coach needs to be knowledgeable and step up as a mentor)

#7 – Highly successful coaches are FOCUSED
Successful coaches pick a direction, develop a step-by-step strategy and dedicate 100% effort in that direction.


If you implement the above 7 steps, success is almost guaranteed.  “Almost,” as it all depends on what niche you pick, whether you pick your target market wisely, and as importantly whether you capitalize on your strengths and are able to consistently deliver high value content and services…

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5 Comments to “7 Secrets of Highly Successful Coaches”

  1. I am an expert in my field, have been life coaching since 1992 after many years of public speaking and corporate coaching – but stuck is stuck and I have been stuck myself. Your information was very valuable. Thank you. Blessings, Alex

  2. Alexandra… the most beautiful name in the world 🙂 (that’s my oldest daughter’s name as well)

    Thanks for your comment and your frank “assessment” of being stuck… If you follow the tips in the article, it is almost impossible not to get unstuck and start getting more clients and more speaking engagements…

    I visited your website – if you are strong enough for some feedback, let’s connect one day (no charge). It’s not bad, but it’s not really set-up for client attraction. You can use the search box, put in the term “client attraction” and see if I have some articles on that… I’ll also have a video coming up on how to create a client attraction website – about an hour long – really soon (in a week or so)…

    Also, if you want to sign into the Support Forum, we can provide you continuous tips on getting unstuck or whatever challenge you might have in your business…

  3. You are most generous – and you are accurate. The web-site was set up for credibility as distinct from client attraction. I have been using my Power Bytes to deliver value (not nearly as much as you offer) – and to encourage people to hire a coach. I am definitely in the “resistant to marketing” category. For 11 years I was able to work on my “unique ability” which was to coach executives and business leaders. Others in the small company I was fortunate enough to work with, did the marketing for me. Woo Hoo!! It was wonderful. Rochester fell on hard times. That dreamy adventure ended – so I left Rochester for a nice warm climate – Florida. The climate is great. I am passionate about my work. And, dear one, I’m forced to do my own marketing. Your generosity (apparent on your site) is outstanding – and I believe that you haven’t sacrificed making a darn good return for yourself and your family. BRAVO. I am wise. I am passionate – and good at what I came here to do. Apparently I continue to suck at what would allow me to do it with more people – and there are so many more who are hurting! G-d bless you.

  4. Thanks for this E. G. these 7 secrets are a great mantra for highly sucessful coaches. My colleague Anne Galloway are hoping to tap into these 7 secrets to with our new strategic alliance: Tow Motivating Minds is a single platform supplying all your coaching needs.
    Keep up the great writing E.G.

  5. I’m glad you found the tips useful 🙂

    And… good luck with your Two Motivating Minds!

    Question: do you – or will you – have an affiliate program for your “program”/tools/etc? Feel free to share here, if you have one – maybe some of my readers are interested in joining. I strongly believe in multiple streams of income…

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