Implement a Lead Generation System, Part 1 – 12 Ways to Generate Qualified Coaching Client Prospects

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Implement a Lead Generation System, Part 1 – 12 Ways to Generate Qualified Coaching Client Prospects 

If you are like most coaches, the #1 question on your mind probably is…

“How can I Attract More Coaching Clients?”

The Answer is in Your Lead Management Process

How can I get more coaching clients?
How can I get more coaching clients?

In theory, attracting coaching clients is not hard. You find a person with a challenge, problem, or major desire, and you offer to help them. Sounds pretty simple, right?

If it’s raining sell umbrellas; if it’s sunny, sell shades (and suntan lotion)… The same applies to coaching: find the person who badly needs a service because it’s “raining” in their life and offer them your “umbrella” – that is, your service.


a) How do I find that person with a major challenge, problem, or desire? And…
b) How can I connect with this person in a way that she’ll trust me with her hard earned dollars to help solve her problem; help with her challenge; or help her fulfill that strong desire?

Point a) is easy, right? Everybody has problems and desires… And while that’s true, most people do not actively seek a coach to solve their problems; nor are they willing to pay for those services even after they find out about such services. Especially not after only one meeting…

So, suddenly point b) above becomes a crucial point, “How can I connect with ‘this’ person in such a way to get hired as their coach?”

The answer is [again]  in your Lead Management Process
a) find qualified prospects – people who are actively seeking “umbrellas” and
b) who can afford and willing to buy your “umbrella” (your service)

That’s the basics of it, and while it sounds simple, most successful coaches – and sales people in general – have a system in place… or a process. In the sales world they call it…

What is “Lead Generation”?

The Lead Generation (or Lead Management) Process:

Here’s a simplified Lead Management Process you can use to attract your ideal clients, just like the pros do:
(All the suggestions below will produce weak results if you do NOT have a clear niche)

Stage1: How to Generate and Capture Leads
Stage2: How to Qualify Your Leads, and
Stage 3: How to Nurture Your Leads
Stage 4: How to Transform Your Leads into Prospects
Stage 5: How to Transform Your Prospects into Life-Long Customers

Stage 1: Generate and capture leads

Trust Level: LOW
(They don’t know you, nor really trust you)

“Leads” = are individuals who showed slight interest in your services (and/or products, if that’s what you try to sell).
We can generate leads through multiple venues (not in any particular order)

12 Lead Generation Strategies:

1) landing page or website with irresistible opt-in offer (the most effective lead genaration method IF your site has “decent” traffic – list your site in the search engines, optimize it properly, send traffic through social media, videos, articles, link exchanges, etc. – see below)

2) networking – collect business cards (jot down on back of each card what you talked about); make sure the back of your business card contains your irresistable offer that sends your prospect to your landing page

3) live workshops, keynotes, or other types of presentations (teleclasses, webinars, and live events) have the potential to produce the highest quality leads, as it gives people a chance to get to know you and like you AND, if you did a good job, they might already have a strong desire to want “more of you” in the form of a product or coaching.

At live events, give out a “cool” form to have everyone share their contact info so you can send them a copy of your PowerPoint and sign them up for the “7 Secrets to ….” eCourse (or whatever bonus you want to offer – the key being to ALWAYS capture your audience’s contact info). Hopefully you pre-qualified them by offering to send them your eCourse, newsletter, video course, etc. valued at $297.00 (always put a value on your offer; after all you put in some hard work to create it and it is a valuable give-away).

4) teleclasses and webinars – another super effective leads generation method, ESPECIALLY when you JV with others who have large lists of subscribers/followers.  Just like with live events, teleclasses and webinars also have the potential to generate the highest quality leads, especially if you present a series of these events or are part of your lead generation model (articles, videos, eZine, etc. – allowing the prospect to get to know you through different venues).

When speaking to audiences OTHER THAN the people on your list, make sure to always provide an irresistable offer, so the participants visit your landing page and share their contact info.

5) youTube (and other) videos, with a call to action at the end of the video, directing the viewer to your irresistible opt-in offer.  Always start the description of your video with your link to your landing page (or home page or blog that contains an opt-in form), e.g.:  – 12 of the most effective ways to generate leads and…” This way each video will have a linkback to your site, as well as hopefully many of the video viewers will click on the link and opt in to your offer/s.

6) social media “marketing” – post links to your articles, videos, audios, etc. and make sure to have a byline that positions you as the solution provider to your ideal clients problems AND has a link to your irresistible opt-in offer (such as, “E.G. Sebastian is a client-attraction specialist, helping solo professionals connect with their ideal clients. Get FREE access to his $197.00 worth client attraction eCourse at )

7) your “circle of influence”
Everyone knows at least a hundred people, and they know about a hundred people… Contact your circle of influence in person, by postcards, email, or other creative ways (see 101 Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door, by Kathleen Gage) and let them know about your services (offer them $100 or more for each referral they send your way AND who stays with you for at leas 2-months of coaching)

8 ) newspaper, magazine, radio, tv advertising

9) pay-per-click and FaceBook advertising

10) send postcards to local and/or national businesses (buy targeted leads from lead-genration services; or if you are a member of your local Chamber of Commerce, you have access to all the members’ contact info; also you can ask your Chamber of Commerce – whether a member or not – how to find the contact info for the businesses you target; if you target individuals, buying a list of pre-qualified leads might be your best bet)

11. Cold Calling – you can buy a list of businesses or individuals who most likely match the description of your ideal client and start dialing…  It is probably the toughest lead-generation strategy, but also one of the most effective ones.  As my brother used to say “You make 100 calls, you know you’ll sell one or two cars – it’s a numbers game…”  We all dislike getting calls with offers, but I know it happened to most of us that we “fell” for some of these offers or we were straight out excited about some of the offers we received through a cold call.  So, yes, we might hate it, but it is one of the greatest ways to find and get a discussion started face to face with your ideal client

12. Hire a virtual assistant to do a combination of the above lead generation methods.  (If you are not sure how to find a reputable virtual assistant, post a note below or contact me through LinkeIn – and I’ll send you a list of VAs – if I get contacted by many of you, I’ll create a post on this topic in the near future)

13. Hire a lead generation service – do a search on the term “lead generation services” and you’ll get a ton of results.  Make sure to check the site to learn more about your lead generation service – were there many complaints against them, did they resolve these complaints, etc. Also, find out if any of your friends (on FB, LinkedIn groups, Twitter, etc.) have successfully used a lead generation service.

The key is to collect these leads’ contact info and put them through the next stages of the lead generationprocess:

Stage2: Qualify Your Leads, and
Stage 3: Nurture Your Leads
Stage 4: Transform Your Leads into Prospects
Stage 5: Transform Your Prospects into Life-Long Customers

In the next posts we’ll explore the next stages of the process:

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3 Comments to “Implement a Lead Generation System, Part 1 – 12 Ways to Generate Qualified Coaching Client Prospects”

  1. Chris says:

    What’s interesting is that I didn’t see word of mouth listed. It seems to me that WOM is the most genuine and longest lasting form of gaining leads. How would you rate the value of a format such as LinkedIn where you can develop a WOM following by helping provide real time solutions to professionals/potential clients?

  2. Guilty!

    Which means I’ll have to mess up my magical # “10” and make it “11 Ways to …”

    Word of mouth is one of the greatest way to generate leads – that is if:
    a) you are good or really good, or
    b) you project an image of professionalism and you network with people who believe in you
    (or both of the above combined)

    As a coach I got some referrals, and even those only after I started asking for them. As a speaker, however, I get referrals all the time and it is a source of about 30% of my speaking gigs.

    Learning point from my blabbering: Ask for referrals from your clients. Offer a financial incentive, if you want to crank up your referals – e.g. $250 referral fee for any new client that stays with you for at least 3 months…

    Social media is great. In my opinion LinkedIn is the best – the place where you can get into groups where your target market hangs out and “show off” your solutions/expertise. I briefly covered this in point 6 of the article.

    Thanks for the great comment, Chris!

  3. Chris, I changed my mind

    … I think:)

    Word of mouth is a great way to get referrals – especially if you ask for those referrals – except at this stage (in the lead-generation process, mentioned in the post) we simply “collect”/generate leads. Of course, word of mouth can generate some great leads, but those would be already qualified prospects – they know what you offer and they are probably ready to buy. Many people use the terms “lead” and “prospect” interchangeably; however, leads are nothing more than people who showed SLIGHT interest in what we have to offer, while prospects are individuals who’ve been “qualified” and are likely to buy our services or products…

    WOM is a great source for generating warm or even hot prospects… and perhaps great for generating some leads too… So, let’s say I half-way agree with you… ok, 80%, but that’s as high as I go 🙂

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